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Charlotte started living her dream 6 years ago when she discovered Pole Dance. She fell in love with Pole Dance immediately and knew that this is what she wanted to spend her life with. After finishing High school, she followed her passion and moved to Berlin to become a Circus Artist. From there she started her first year of circus school at “die ETAGE” and continued her education at “Staatliche Artistenschule Berlin”. On this path, she also met Marlene, who is now her dear friend and partner performing Duo Marly.

Charlotte has different acts in various disciplines and is always excited to perform them as well as to be involved in creations for different productions. She has a German passport and is available for special events, shows, creations, and everything else for 2023 & beyond. Charlotte teaches pole dancing and flexibility in Berlin and Duesseldorf and around the world via workshops, teaching residencies, and her own virtual platform.